zirconia crown

What are zirconia crowns?

Zirconia crowns are white coloured crowns (caps) made from zirconia which is a shiny white-grey metal. Zirconia crowns have very high strength and hence they are considered the best crowns for children. They are used to restore severely damaged or broken tooth. It is one of the most natural looking, best textured and most comfortable caps for restoring your child's teeth.

Is it a painful procedure?

No. It is not. However, the pediatric dentist may require to make the tooth numb in some case if the child experiences sensitivity while preparation.

Will my child be able to eat and brush normally after the crown placement?

Definitely Yes. Zirconia crowns not only restores normal aesthetic of the tooth but also restores normal eating and brushing. Child needs to follow just a couple of instructions for maintenance of the crown.

What will happen to the zirconia crown when the milk tooth falls off?

The zirconia crown is cemented to the remaining tooth structure of the child. Once cemented, the crown and the tooth will be intact as one unit. Hence, when the tooth falls the crown too will fall along with the tooth

Will the zirconia crown affect the growth of permanent tooth?

Absolutely not. It will not affect as the crown is attached only to the milk tooth and the crown falls along with the tooth.

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