Mouth Gaurd

Did you know?

All sporting activities have an associated risk of orofacial injuries due to fall, collisions, contact with hard surfaces and contact from sports-related equipment. Sports accidents reportedly account for 10 to 39 percent of all dental injuries in children. The majority of sport-related dental and orofacial injuries affect the upper lip, upper jaw with 50 to 90 percent of dental injuries involving the upper incisors. Thus, use of a mouthguard can really protect your child’s teeth.

What Are Mouth Guards?

Sports guard. mouth guard or mouth protector is a device worn over your teeth that protects teeth from blows to the face and head.
There are 3 types of mouth guards

  1. Over the counter
  2. Boil-and-Bite and
  3. Custom made mouth guards. Custom made mouth guards

Who All Needs To Wear A Mouth Guard?

Mouth guards are an important piece of athletic equipment for anyone participating in a sport that involves falls, body contact or flying equipment. This includes football, basketball, baseball, soccer, hockey, kabaddi, and gymnastics or any activity that might result in an injury to the mouth.

How Much Does It Cost?

The appliance is quiet affordable especially in view of the protection it provides for your child. Treatment for traumatic injuries to face and teeth can cost a lot. So if mouthguard can prevent such injuries then why not use it? In addition. the mouth guards can prevent your child go through the mental trauma caused by such injuries.

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