root canal treatment

Do Children Get Toothache?

Yes, Infact children get more frequently because of the small size of milk teeth compared to adult teeth. The decay reaches the nerves faster than adults.

What Is Root Canal Treatment In Children?

This procedure is called as “pulpectomy” in milk teeth where we do cleaning of the whole teeth and root canals followed by a filling with a paste in the root canals.

How Long Will The Procedure Take?

It will be done either in single or two visits with a minimum of 20-30 minutes per visit.

Is Root Canal Treatment Necessary for Milk Tooth?

Yes, it is always better to do root canal treatment and save the milk tooth (rather than removal). This will act as natural space maintainer to maintain the space for the permanent teeth to erupt in proper alignment in the future. Also, the treated tooth helps the child to eat well. Front teeth maintains the appearance of the child.

How Painful Is The Procedure?

Pulpectomy procedure is usually performed under local anaesthesia. Hence, it is not a painful one.

What Will Happen If The Tooth Is Left Untreated?

It might lead to very severe forms of infection which will look like a swelling either inside or outside the mouth. Sometimes, the infection can even spread to the successor permanent teeth and damage it.

Do We Need To Do Crowns After RCT?

Yes, it is better to do full crowns (caps) following root canal treatment to avoid any re-infections.

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