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Tooth Removal

What Is Tooth Extraction?

Removal of a tooth from its place in the oral cavity by a dental professional.

What Happens If Children Have Too Many Cavities? Does It Lead To Any Health Issues?

Presence of ECC can affect your child’s health in various ways. The child can have problems like difficulty to eat hard chewable food items, sensitivity to sweets, cold and hot foods. Usually in severe cases, the child will resist brushing due to severe sensitivity. Child can even cry due to extreme sensitivity caused by any thermal (Cold drinks, food and air) and physical (Brushing, chewing foods) changes. If left untreated, child can develop pain, gum boils, pus formation, cheek swelling, fever and frequent episodes of cold and cough. Child can also have interrupted sleep due to frequent sensitivity and pain. Many affected children may develop low self esteem due to damaged front tooth. The child may tend to hide their front teeth while smiling or laughing. Thus, ECC can cause “poor quality” of life in affected children.

Why Do Children Need Tooth Extraction?

Children need tooth extraction when the tooth is badly decayed, damaged by injury or trauma, when milk teeth resists falling and may block the eruption path of the permanent teeth that may further lead to malalignment of permanent teeth, if not corrected.

What Does Tooth Extraction In Children Involve?

Your pediatric dentist might explain the need for suggesting extraction.The procedure usually is preceded by an x-ray to know the status of the milk tooth and the underlying permanent tooth.The tooth extraction is done under local anaesthesia.In children, we use the TeDiE technique for administering the local anaesthesia (numbing medicine) for a painless tooth removal procedure. Te-Tell (We explain the entire procedure in child friendly terms) Di-Distractions (We distract the child from focusing on the prick of the needle through constant communication and praising her behaviour) E-euphemisms (We use child friendly words throughout the entire procedure so the child can relate to the procedure in a pleasant manner)

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