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Pedo Planet Children Dental Center (PP-CDC)

Is the first exclusive children dental center in South India. It is also the first one to have branches in the country. Currently we have three centers in Chennai and one in the capital New Delhi. It was established by Dr. MS Muthu in 2004. Since then it has provided dental services exclusively to children up to 19 years of age. Dr. MS Muthu is one of the best pediatric dentist in the country. His specialised team of Pediatric dentists are well-trained and practices minimally invasive dentistry in a holistic manner. The treatment and services rendered are in par with the international standards.

Pedo Planet Children Dental Center is one of the most reputed sought after children dental practices in Chennai and New Delhi. PP-CDC adheres to a strict quality policy as per International standards and actively maintains a patient first policy in its everyday operations.

Pedo Planet - Children Dental Centers are the leading Early Childhood Caries Rehabilitators in the country. We carry out World Class Full Mouth Rehabilitations using the State of the art Zirconia Crowns for children with Early Childhood Caries ( Link for Pre and Post Pics of Zr crowns).


What we offer to our International Patients?

  • Online Consultation and Tentative Treatment Planning (7 days a week between 10am - 8pm IST)
  • World Class Early Childhood Caries Rehabilitation of young children (From 12-14 month onwards (Pre and Post Pictures Link)
  • Leading Invisalign Treatment provider for Children and Adolescents in this region. Have a well trained Invisalign Orthodontist in the Team (Pre and Post Pictures Link)
  • We are the leading Teeth Alignment Provider in Chennai with both Metal and Ceramic Braces for Children and Adolescents.
  • Our approach is minimally invasive dentistry for your children. We do only what is required.
  • Our doctors provide services for all the issues pertaining to children like - Habit Intervention (Thumb sucking, Tongue Thrusting, Night Grinding, Nail biting, etc)
  • Dr Muthu - Currently heading the Asia’s First Dedicated "Centre for Early Childhood Caries Research - CECCRe” is available for both Online and Offline Consultations. However, timing has to be planned well in advance.
  • We believe in prevention of the disease. Thus, our doctors focuses on preventive dentistry.
  • We pioneer the idea of Sustained Anticipatory Guidance (SAG) - Dr Muthu and his team are the pioneers in the advent of the concept SAG. If you reach us with your baby at 1 year of age or as soon as the first tooth comes into the mouth - We can guarantee a cavity free childhood. Discuss with our International Patient Advisor ( Dr Ankita Saikia) regarding this.
  • We use world class cutting edge technologies comparable to the best of clinics in the USA or UK. The new age Zirconia Crowns were brought into this country by Dr M S Muthu and his team.
  • Only the best quality internationally approved, CE certified (European) materials are used in our clinic.
  • The highest standards of sterilization protocol are followed along with extensive use of disposables, ensures a hygienic and completely safe environment
  • Option for laughing  gas for children with anxiety
  • In-house digital x-ray facility.
  • End to end assistance for International patients, right from planning itinerary, travel arrangements, accommodation and assistance in every step till you fly back.
  • Minimal waiting time
  • Save Money: Cost of treatment in India (primarily for Early Childhood Caries Rehabilitation and Invisalign) is considerably lower than most countries. You will actually save money even after adding up all the travel expenses compared to the treatment cost in your home country.
  • Our International Patient Advisor - Dr Ankita can be reached at +91 - 9840646364 by WhatsApp or SMS. You can write to her at

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